Cyprus Real Estate Law Firm

The Cyprus Real Estate market is contained with great opportunities and great traps. This is why, a qualified real estate lawyer to your side during negotiation and finalization of any cyprus real estate transaction is an imperative part of a successful result. Our Property lawyers maintains the expertise and experience to deal with all your real estate requirements in Cyprus.

Acting for the buyer in an acquisition of Residential or Commercial Property

  • We conduct a due diligence process on the subject property to ensure its current status with reference to its title deeds, building/planning permits, existence of any charges or encumbrances and any other specific matter which may affect the acquisition;
  • Our Property lawyers assist in the negotiation and contractual terms and the drafting of the necessary agreement for either the sale purchase of the title or the assignment of the rights to it;
  • We advise on applicable taxes and complete formalities from stamp duties to applicable transfer fees, and lodging of the agreements with the Land Registry;

Acting for the Seller in the sale of Residential or Commercial Property

  • We represent sellers, by providing all requested due diligence information to the Buyer;
  • Advising on capital gains taxes and applicable duties and obtaining all necessary tax and duties clearances from different governmental and municipality departments;
  • Drafting the relevant contract and negotiating contractual terms with the buyers;
  • Attending to the Land Registry for completion of sale procedure, as well as acting as paying agents, receiving funds on behalf of our clients;

Acting for owners of properties during the ongoing management of their properties

  • Advising on contractual terms and Drafting of contracts with reference to renting or long term leasing of our clients’ properties
  • Advising on property management agreements with third party providers;
  • Advising on property backed financing transactions, such as obtaining loans and others;

Further we are at times advising professionals such as real estate agents, property management companies, developers, banks and others on all legal and tax real estate related matters.

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