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If you are facing a handful of bad debtors or looking for your chances to collect your debt as a global debt collection agency in Cyprus, we are here to help you through our unique Debt Collection process and our specialized supporting tools.
We apply a result-oriented methodical process in collecting debts, which provides constant feedback to our clients while maintaining the utmost of efficiency in the collection of debts. As supporting tools and services to our debt collection process we are able to provide preliminary assessment Reports of the possibilities in collecting debts. This reports come together through a filtering of different specific factors to each particular case, providing an extremely helpful tool. We are further able to provide Credit and Due Diligence Reports as well as conduct searches at Companies Registrars and Land Registries..

We are experienced in Debt Recovery; We have the knowledge to help your business recover outstanding debts.


Submit your claim today and your debt collection process starts NOW

  • Submit your claim from your couch in 5 minutes
  • A powerful debt collection process starts immediately
  • Receive a detailed report of your claim within 15 days.
  • Increase your chances of collection dramatically
  • Obtain an assessment report of your chances and suggestions for next steps.

Registration Fees *

What do our debt collection service cost?

We are well aware that the debt collection industry promotes a “no collection, no fee” policy and although most of our fees earned, comprise of a percentage we receive upon collecting of your debt, our model of operation also requires the payment of a “registration and debt collection process fee” ( @ 357 EUR inc. VAT ) upon the submission of a claim. Our reasoning for this is that we prefer to give to each and every claim the necessary attention to maintain a high rate of successful collection and excel in service to our clients.

Inevitably this also results in receiving fewer claim requests, however it allows for a more personalized approach, a greater attention to each claim and therefore a higher rate of collection for our clients. This model provides greater satisfaction for us and our clients, while a more focused attention to each claim provides the ground for constantly improving our debt collection process. The registration and debt collection processing fee, also allows us to apply a uniform flat success fee at 14% on the collected amount exactly because of equal attention being applied to each claim.

Other fees and costs could possibly arise during the debt collection process and include instances where a particular action is necessary to facilitate the collection of a particular claim. Such actions may be, the appointment of a lawyer to take the case to court, performing of searches in registrars, land registries, producing credit reports, , retracing and others. Of course, if and when such additional actions become a consideration, these and the costs associated are communicated in advance to our clients for which their consent is required to move things ahead.

Why Choose us for your Debt recovery?

Our Commercial Debt recovery clients benefit from:

Our process is Fast and Simple!

We have developed an online process of registering your claim which is fast, simple and can be undertaken from you couch, while at the same time providing us with the necessary information to undertake a successful collection of your debt. As far as our ongoing collection process is concerned, we take no pride in delayed slow and costly collections. We are up front and frank with our clients on the collection possibilities and will cut short a claim attempt when we consider it necessary.

We report to you!

Our process involves an initial reporting back to you on the negotiating strength of your claim, usually accompanied by suggestions for next steps and an ongoing reporting of the steps undertaken for the collection of your debt. This constant communication allows for a feedback loop process which provides better coordination between us and raises possibilities for successful collection.

We continuously improve our process!

Constant improvement of our debt collection process with the development of new methodologies and implementation of new technologies is our norm. We remain on the lookout for anything that would add value to our assessment and collection processes,

We are well connected!

We maintain a large network with debt collection agencies, lawyers and investigators around the globe, which has proven instrumental in delivering the best results in collecting debts from abroad. Our network allows for efficient exchange of information, while remaining within legal boundaries, and immediate recognition and application of local regulations where the collection is sought.

We are ready to go the extra mile!

We understand that our added value and what would grant us the edge in our industry is mostly measured by our performance in the difficult tasks we are presented with. Where circumstances dictate, we are ready to step out of our comfort zones and go the extra mile to achieve a successful collection.

We are serious about our rate of successful collections!

We take each claim registered seriously, as our clients' satisfaction is what provides us with the fuel to continue and builds our reputation. Furthermore our rate of successful collection is our main performance measure tool which pushes us towards innovation and experimentation with the aim of improving and developing our process.

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